Month: April 2022

5 Supply Chain Attacks That Started with a Phishing Email & How to Prevent Them

Phishing is the most common attack vector and played a part in over a third of all breaches in 2021. One area where this type of attack is particularly on the rise is in the supply chain. By breaching one organization and exploiting its third-party connections, attackers can access dozens, or hundreds, of others. When […]

How to Protect Businesses against Ransomware Attacks

Table of ContentsHow Ransomware Attacks Work– Phase 1: Infection and Distribution– Phase 2: Data Encryption– Phase 3: Ransom Demand What Are the Most Common Ransomware Attack Vectors?– 1. Email Phishing– 2. RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Compromise– 3. Software Vulnerabilities The Impact of Ransomware across Industries– Healthcare– Manufacturing– Telecommunications– Financial Services– Government Why Are Ransomware Attacks […]

Automate SOC Triage, Investigation, and Response with xorlab Active Incident Response

xorlab Active Threat Defense (ATD) leverages the power of machine intelligence to stop ransomware, phishing, and other emerging cloud email threats at first sight. Designed to scale, ATD understands human communication behavior and relationships to uncover even the most sophisticated attacks, give you complete visibility into and control of your business-critical data, and help you […]