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Data Exfiltration: Most Common Techniques and Best Prevention Tactics

Table of ContentsMost Common Data Exfiltration Techniques1. Inbound Email2. Outbound Email3. Downloads to Insecure Devices4. Uploads to External Services5. Insecure Cloud Behavior How to Prevent Data Exfiltration1. Detect and Stop Phishing Attacks2. Deploy Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Strategies3. Disable Unauthorized Channels and Protocols4. Implement Backup and Data Encryption Processes5. Educate Employees When cybercriminals target organizations, the […]

Table of contentsHow BEC Attacks WorkStage 1: Picking the Right TargetStage 2: Setting Up the AttackStage 3: Executing the AttackStage 4: Collecting the Payment How the Most Significant BEC Attacks Unfolded– $14.7 Million Attack on the State of North Rhine-Westphalia– 40 Organizations Attacked by Cosmix Lynx in 2021– BEC Attack on Non-profit Group One Treasure […]

How to Protect Businesses against Supply Chain Attacks

Table of contentsHow Supply Chain Attacks WorkStage 1: Hunt & InfectStage 2: Spread & WaitStage 3: Attack & Collect Types of Supply Chain Attacks 1. Software Supply Chain Attacks– Hijacking Updates– Undermining Code Signing– Compromising Open-Source Code 2. Vendor Email CompromiseStage 1: Credential Stealing through Phishing CampaignsStage 2: Compromised Account TakeoverStage 3: Inbox MonitoringStage 4: […]

5 Supply Chain Attacks That Started with a Phishing Email & How to Prevent Them

Phishing is the most common attack vector and played a part in over a third of all breaches in 2021. One area where this type of attack is particularly on the rise is in the supply chain. By breaching one organization and exploiting its third-party connections, attackers can access dozens, or hundreds, of others. When […]

How to Protect Businesses against Ransomware Attacks

Table of ContentsHow Ransomware Attacks Work– Phase 1: Infection and Distribution– Phase 2: Data Encryption– Phase 3: Ransom Demand What Are the Most Common Ransomware Attack Vectors?– 1. Email Phishing– 2. RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Compromise– 3. Software Vulnerabilities The Impact of Ransomware across Industries– Healthcare– Manufacturing– Telecommunications– Financial Services– Government Why Are Ransomware Attacks […]

Mitigating the Risk of Ransomware Attacks against Government Entities

Government institutions are among the top targets for ransomware. In 2020, cyber attacks cost US government organizations about $18.88 billion in recovery costs and downtime. In 2021, the trend continued, with US government institutions suffering 79 ransomware attacks, which potentially impacted approximately 71 million people. These numbers highlight the fact that governments are at heightened […]

Man-in-the-Middle Attack Prevention Strategies for Financial Institutions

A man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack happens when a bad actor intercepts traffic as it’s transmitted from point to point. The cybercriminal may be simply listening to network traffic, or they may also engage in active eavesdropping on communication and data transfer. They can then modify the traffic for malicious purposes, without either party (usually a service/system […]

How to Defend against Whaling Attacks

Email attacks have been on the rise in recent years, and not only are they growing in number, but they are also diversifying and evolving into ever-more sophisticated threats. Whaling is a specialized form of spear-phishing attack that exclusively targets high-level executives or managers within chosen organizations. Like nearly all phishing attempts, the aim of […]

How to Identify and Prevent Email Impersonation Attacks

Email impersonation is a phishing technique that involves using a fake email address that looks like a legitimate one. The attackers create email addresses and sender names with slight deviations to convince users that the message is genuine. They may impersonate the target organization’s employees, vendors, or business partners and trick the user to disclose […]

Data Exfiltration: Most Common Techniques and Best Prevention Tactics

When cybercriminals target organizations, the goal is usually to exfiltrate information for competitive, disruptive or monetary gain. Infiltrating a network or a device is not enough to make an attack successful; that only happens if the attackers successfully steal or remove data from the system. Data exfiltration can occur in several ways, but no matter […]

How to Defend against the Rising Threat of Ransomware-As-A-Service

As cybercriminals refine their methods and widen their scope of attack, many are turning to ransomware-as-a service (RaaS). RaaS groups were responsible for 60% of the ransomware attacks that happened during the past 18 months. With the popularity of RaaS growing, these criminal groups pose a significant threat to businesses across all industries. To protect […]

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The Risk and Impact of Ransomware Attacks in the Financial Services Sector

Today’s cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to secure massive ransoms. As a result of their quickly changing methods, even the most security-conscious institutions are at risk. The financial services industry imposes some of the strictest security measures, yet major financial services organizations have fallen victim to costly attacks. Governments around the world hold financial […]