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The ChallengeKeep company communication channels free of ransomware/malware, phishing, and social engineering attacks. Increase security awareness and employee engagement without increasing operational costs. The Solutionxorlab ActiveGuard (Active Threat Defense & Active Incident Response) The Results• +431% efficiency increase in SOC analysis and response to user-reported email incidents• -51% reduction of related SOC operational costs• +247% […]

Implenia Detects 2x Email Threats with xorlab

The ChallengeInsufficient level of inbox protection: Implenia employees were receiving too many phishing and spam emails. The Solutionxorlab ActiveGuard Advanced Threat Defense & Automated Incident Response The Results• 2x more potential threats detected• Customizable defense policies• Simplified policy management• Significantly less false positives• Fast resolution time for reported emails Switzerland’s Leading Construction Company As Switzerland’s […]