It Only Takes One: How Leading Organizations Defend Themselves against Modern Attackers


HubSpot Video

Recorded on:
Wed, November 30, 2022 at 5:15 PM CET 

Email threats are still one of the biggest risks for businesses today. Although email security technologies exist since more than two decades, it is astonishing to see that this problem prevails.

More than that, attacks have evolved where innovation in defenses has been rare. Today, a successful targeted phishing attack can be mounted with less than 100$ against security solutions that cost tens of thousands of $.

In this webinar, you'll discover why bypassing today's solutions is so cheap. You'll learn about a new approach, called smarter email security, that uses five building blocks to effectively fight modern email threats. The five building blocks will be presented in a generic and vendor independent way so you can use and adapt them to your current setup without the need to buy new solutions. You'll also learn how to conduct a gap analysis so you know where to invest next if you want to improve your current email security posture.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. Why the costs of a successful attack are so low compared to what you spend on email security.

  2. What the building blocks of smarter email security are and how you can apply them to your current setup.

  3. How to perform a gap analysis so you know where to invest next to improve your email security posture.