One platform to protect all corporate digital communication

ActiveGuard dashboard that shows exposure, sender insights, payload analysis and content analysis

Robust inbound defense

ActiveGuard’s contextual threat detection engine understands local context, communication relationships and behavior. The platform then leverages that understanding to make dynamic decisions and detect anomalies based on the risk profile of every email it processes.

Ransomware, Trojans & Co. icon
Ransomware, Trojans & Co.

ActiveGuard delivers best-in-class malware defense using deep content inspection, forceful decryption and and integrated, hard-to-evade dynamic analysis sandbox for Microsoft Office and PDF documents.

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Business Email Compromise & Spear-phishing

ActiveGuard uncovers fake relationships and protects your employees against targeted social engineering attacks and data loss.

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Credential phishing

ActiveGuard detects attempts to lure your employees to malicious websites and prevents cyber criminals from accessing your cloud services and the data on them.

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VIP & Invoice Fraud

ActiveGuard eliminates financial loss caused by manipulated invoices and impersonated relationships.

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Employee self-service portal

ActiveGuard provides a modern, safe message preview allowing your employees to inspect quarantined messages before contacting the Service Desk.

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Account takeover detection
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YARA, OCR and more
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Automated incident response for user-reported emails

ActiveGuard comes with built-in workflow automation and SOAR tools to increase security operations effectiveness.

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Abuse mailbox analysis

Detailed attack analysis reports accelerate prioritization of employee reported emails.

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Investigation & response

Quickly investigate and respond to critical incidents. Correlate and track campaigns. Manage case feedback.

Bulk remediation
Bulk remediation

Cross-correlate and remediate similar attacks across the entire organization.

Mailbox isolation
Mailbox isolation
Fast, contextual user feedback
Fast, contextual user feedback
Automated incident response for user-reported emails

ActiveGuard Sandbox

ActiveGuard comes with cutting-edge dynamic file analysis and exploit protection for Microsoft Office and PDF documents.

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Zero-day exploit protection

ActiveGuard’s dynamic analysis detects any deviation from legitimate application behavior and prevents malicious payload execution.

Network traffic observer icon
Network traffic observer

Any attempt to make a host application establish a network connection is logged and correlated with your organization’s historic behavioral patterns.

Process creation monitor icon
Process creation monitor
File system and registry modifications icon
File system and registry modifications
ActiveGuard Sandbox

Active information protection

ActiveGuard monitors outbound email traffic to uncover accidental data loss, compromised accounts and malicious exfiltration operations.

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Regulatory compliance

Monitor communication channels for Personally Identifiable Information.

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Information protection

Control the exchange of sensitive documents and data.

Active information protection

Don't play catch-up. Defend proactively.

Don’t play catch-up. Defend proactively.