xorlab email security for Microsoft 365

Complement Microsoft 365's built-in security controls with xorlab's AI-based solution to stop even unknown phishing and other modern email attacks.


Trusted by organizations with highest security needs

Results with xorlab

Reduce risk


Detection of at least 4 times more threats compared to built-in security solutions.

Increase efficiency


Accurate detection with lowest false positive rate.

Save time


Time saved handling reported emails​ thanks to automated triage.

What is the issue?

Email attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Modern email attacks often contain unknown indicators of attack, which makes them undetectable by threat intelligence-based defenses. Cloud email services such as Microsoft 365 provide built-in email security based on such legacy defenses. Organizations that rely solely on built-in email security are challenged in at least four areas:


Poor detection rates and threats in user inboxes


High operational costs due to high false positive rates and manual effort


Lack of visibility for security teams


End-users are not engaged

Two solutions to make your Microsoft 365 environment more secure

Complement M365 EOP with xorlab for best-in-class email security

xorlab enhances the basic defenses of Exchange Online Protection (EOP) with AI-based security to protect organizations from:

  • Zero-hour phishing and malware
  • Spearphishing
  • Business Email Compromise
  • Attacks from compromised partners

Complementing EOP with xorlab enables security teams to stop entire classes of attacks that would otherwise go undetected by EOP’s URL block lists, known spam domains, and signature-based anti-malware.

In addition, xorlab fully automates email triage, remediation, and reporting, making the most of user awareness efforts.


Extend M365 MDO with xorlab for strongest email security

xorlab adds behavioral AI-based security to the intelligence-based defenses of Microsoft Defender for O365 (MDO), offering strongest protection for organizations with highest security needs.

xorlab consistently produces higher detection rates across all threat classes and offers better detection quality with false positive and false negative rates significantly of 0.06% respectively 0.15%.

xorlab in a nutshell


Stop advanced attacks proactively with AI-based classifiers and policies


Trace security decisions back to indicators of attack with full visibility


Automate analysis and triage of user-reported email and send feedback


Support end-users with self-service quarantine and preview functions

xorlab on top of Microsoft 365 is the ideal combination for me. xorlab’s relationship-based threat detection engine stops targeted attacks and produces very few false positives.

Alexander Bösch Former Chief Information Security Officer, Implenia AG

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my organization need an additional layer of email security?

In order to protect your organization from modern and advanced email threats, a basic layer of protection such as M365 EOP is no longer enough. New technologies and a new approach are necessary to protect your employees from unknown email threats. Assess your risks with our email attack simulation.

Which Microsoft plans are compatible with xorlab's solution?

If you are on Microsoft 365 E3, xorlab is the ideal addition to maximize email security by combining EOP with xorlab. xorlab also works with Microsoft 365 E5 in addition to Microsoft Defender in order to provide even more protection.

We want to test xorlab, is there a possibility to see the solution in action?

Yes, there is. You can either explore our product section and learn about our approach and the benefits you can expect. Or you get in touch with us to discuss a Proof of Value, a testing phase during which we run xorlab in toothless mode and in parallel to your current set-up.