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Stop emerging email threats at first sight

xorlab ActiveGuard matches the risk profile of every email against the behavioral norms of your organization in real-time to detect emerging attacks at first sight.

ActiveGuard analyses attack surface, language and relationship of incoming threats

Protect your digital communication channels

xorlab ActiveGuard is a proactive communication defense platform that continuously measures the risk of emails and other messages that flow in and out of your organization using machine-intelligence and advanced payload analysis.

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Ransomware & Industrial Espionage

Stop any kind of malware hidden in encrypted documents and macros.

Business Email Compromise & Spear-phishing

Protect your key employees against targeted social engineering and data loss.


Prevent cyber criminals from accessing your cloud services and your data on them.

VIP & Invoice

Minimize financial loss caused by manipulated invoices and impersonated relationships.

Advanced zero-day and exploit protection with ActiveGuard Sandbox

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Secure your cloud communication infrastructure

ActiveGuard seamlessly integrates with your cloud email services and on-premise email infrastructures to deliver proactive protection against emerging threats across a variety of channels. xorlab’s contextual detection and sandboxing capabilities make your inbound defense more robust, facilitate and automate user incident response processes and power advanced information protection use cases.

xorlab offers machine-intelligent software that uncovers email risks that others miss and stops advanced attacks at first sight

Our customers clearly see a positive
return on investment

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Before we adopted xorlab’s technology, our employees received a lot of VIP fraud emails and ​the risk of getting hit by ransomware was on top of our risk map. Now we haven’t seen a single VIP fraud email in more than 6 months and I could significantly mitigate one of our major security risks. I am very happy with how xorlab performs.

Peter Kohler Chief Security Officer, netcetera

We’re a fast growing clean-tech company and a regular target of phishing and malware attacks. xorlab not only protects us from these threats but does so with little to no impact to our work. Working with xorlab finally lets us dedicate 100% of our capacity to our customers!

Dominique Kronenberg Chief of Staff, Climeworks

xorlab’s ActiveGuard is one of the rare cybersecurity solutions that provide additional security and help to save costs. Furthermore, it makes our employees part of the solution by empowering them to easily report suspicious emails and thus contributing to swiftly remediate emerging threats.

Michael Meli Chief Information Security Officer and Managing Director Julius Bär

Reduce your risk of compromise

Tap into behavioral data of your organization to automatically filter emerging threats at first sight. Empower your organization to take an active part in your defense efforts.

Cut down on your operating costs

Automatically manage attack surface across thousands of individual communication relationships in your organization and benefit from workflow automation and reduced analysis effort for high-risk incidents.

Make your other defense systems smarter

90% of attacks start with an email. Use the threat data that ActiveGuard extracts from company communication to make surrounding systems aware of threats that potentially come their way and further reduce attack surface.

Don’t play catch-up. Defend proactively.

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Don’t play catch-up. Defend proactively.