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Effectively stop email threats and optimize security operations with a data-driven platform that intelligently adapts to your context.

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Context matters

The xorlab Security Platform collects millions of signals from your organization’s email flow to understand context, learn communication patterns, and stop sophisticated threats.


Threats evolve, your defense must too

Defending against constantly evolving threats requires a radically new perspective. xorlab provides a proactive approach to email security and helps you stop the threats that others miss.

USD 4.76 millions

Average cost of a successful Phishing attack

USD 4.67 millions

Average financial damage per successful BEC scam

USD 5.13 millions

Average cost of ransomware and other destructive attacks

Source: IBM cost of a data breach 2023

xorlab is one of the rare cybersecurity solutions that enhance security and reduce cost. Plus: it lets our employees contribute to our defense at no extra cost by automating abuse reports.

Michael Meli Chief Information Security Officer, Bank Julius Bär

By standardizing and automating our workflow for user-reported emails with xorlab, we were able to improve reaction time and free up valuable analyst time.

Daniel Besmer Security Analyst, Zürcher Kantonalbank

The immediate Return on Investment is striking. By activating xorlab, our reported phishing dropped 60% overnight.

Dominic Alber Head of Cyber Defense, Vontobel

Adding xorlab to our stack has been a game-changer for me. xorlab's sophisticated, relationship-based threat detection engine not only stops unknown threats but also maintains an impressively low rate of false positives.

Alexander Bösch Former Chief Information Security Officer, Implenia AG

Our employees used to receive a lot of VIP fraud emails and ​the risk of getting hit by ransomware was considerable. Not anymore. xorlab helped me to significantly mitigate two of our major security risks.

Peter Kohler Chief Information Security Officer, Netcetera

Your benefits, our ambition

Best-in-class protection against unknown threats

Rapidly reduce risk by protecting your organization from sophisticated phishing, business email compromise, and ransomware threats. xorlab automatically tailors its defenses using data from your context, ensuring threats are stopped before they reach your employees.


Minimal operational

Limit the number of manual interventions with adaptive security policies, save time of IT Security staff spent on managing and responding to email incidents, and free up resources for more critical tasks. xorlab automates your abuse mailbox management, maximizes security, and reduces costs.

Maximum control over
email communication

Gain insights into attempted attacks, cloud services in use, third-party vendor risk exposure, and general user behavior. xorlab lets you customize security policies to your organization's unique needs and helps you reduce email attack surface.


xorlab for Microsoft 365

Maximize the security of Microsoft 365 to detect sophisticated phishing, BEC, and invoice fraud. Rapidly reduce the risk of email attacks by stopping unknown threats before they get delivered to employee inboxes.


xorlab for traditional SEG

Traditional Secure Email Gateways were not designed to counter today’s evolving threats. Extend your SEG with xorlab’s all-in-one Security Platform to stop sophisticated phishing, BEC, and invoice fraud and replace point solutions.

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