Stop email threats before they become breaches 

xorlab uses your organization's communication context to stop zero-hour threats and enhance attack surface control.


Your benefits with xorlab

Stop unknown malicious URLs and attachments 

Because it understands your organization's entire communication context, xorlab can stop all attacks, even those containing unknown URLs and attachments.

Get full visibility into your email attack surface

xorlab empowers security teams with searchable, contextual insights into employee-reported phishing, freeing them from repetitive manual tasks.

Adapt to changing  email threats without effort

xorlab offers adaptive security policies that respond to changes in your organization and the threat landscape, allowing you to maintain attack surface control effortlessly.

Save SOC time with quarantined email previews

By offering a secure method for reviewing quarantined emails, xorlab helps users make better decisions, improve security awareness, and reduce the SOC workload.

Common email security challenges



Cybercriminals have moved beyond trivial mass phishing campaigns to low-volume and socially-engineered attacks that do not contain any known-bad indicators and go undetected by traditional defenses.


Email thread

Using leaked email messages of your business partners, attackers insert themselves into existing conversations to attack your organization, making phishing attacks much harder to detect.


Business email

Business email compromise attacks use social engineering tactics to trick your employees into transferring funds or revealing sensitive information.


Abuse mailbox

Your security team is frustrated by repetitive manual tasks and the lack of contextual data while monitoring your employee-reported phishing mailbox.



Fake invoices from seemingly genuine suppliers persuade your employees to wire funds or change banking details.



Socially-engineered phishing attacks persuade your employees to click on a link or open an attachment that then downloads ransomware to their system.



Your employees, former employees, contractors, vendors, or business associates misuse their privileged access to expose, steal, or destroy your company’s sensitive information.



Mistakes happen, especially in fast-paced and complex environments. It takes only a few seconds to inadvertently send sensitive information to the wrong recipient.

A unique approach tailored to you

xorlab monitors email communication within your environment to understand the relationships that connect your organization with the outside world. By making this communication network explicit and learning legitimate human behavior, xorlab can block the malicious emails that others miss.

Committed to delivering value

xorlab customers spend an average of 1,600 hours less on attack surface management, abuse mailbox analysis, and incident response in year one.
Block novel attacks that others miss, let users report suspicious messages and respond to all of them with ease, and control the flow of sensitive information across channelsall in the same platform.

Implenia, Switzerland’s Leading Construction Company, Detects 2x Email Threats with xorlab


Switzerland’s Leading Private Banking Group Increases SOC Response Efficiency by 431% with xorlab 


For the CISO 

Reducing your risk of compromise starts with understanding who emails whom. xorlab delivers contextual detection capabilities that reliably detect threats in email messages, facilitate and automate user incident response processes, and power advanced data protection use cases.



For security teams

Minimizing the attack surface on email requires deliberate choices by those who know the organization best. xorlab provides security teams with the data and the tools they need to continuously assess and automatically adjust how people inside and outside of their organization should communicate with each other.

For email administrators

xorlab seamlessly integrates with and extends the security capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Online and Google Workspace.


A platform you can trust

The compliance you require, the enterprise features you expect, and the ability to run wherever you need it.

xorlab is one of the rare cybersecurity solutions that provide additional security and help to save costs. Security analysts are up-and-running quickly with the solution. It also makes our employees part of the solution by empowering them to easily report suspicious emails and thus contribute to swiftly remediate emerging threats.

ActiveGuard on top of Microsoft 365 is the ideal combination for me. xorlab’s relationship-based threat detection engine stops targeted attacks and produces very few false positives. This is a welcome deviation from blacklists and signature-based approaches. Also, the design of ActiveGuard’s user interface facilitates quick decision-making.

Before we adopted xorlab’s technology, our employees received a lot of VIP fraud emails and ​the risk of getting hit by ransomware was on top of our risk map. Now we haven’t seen a single VIP fraud email in more than 6 months and I could significantly mitigate one of our major security risks. I am very happy with how xorlab performs.


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Minimize your email attack surface. Detect zero-hour threats in real-time and stop the attacks that impact your business.


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