Uncompromising coverage

xorlab protects your organization from the entire range of email threats, across all channels and all platforms.

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Enhanced security for cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments

Rapidly reduce the risk of email attacks by stopping unknown threats before they get delivered to employee inboxes.


xorlab for Microsoft 365


xorlab for Exchange On-Premise


xorlab for Google Workspace

xorlab is one of the rare cybersecurity solutions that enhance security and reduce cost. Plus: it lets our employees contribute to our defense at no extra cost by automating abuse reports.

Michael Meli Chief Information Security Officer, Bank Julius Bär

Strengthen your email security posture

xorlab Inbound Email Security

Complement base controls with xorlab for enhanced email protection, reduced security costs, and a platform built for the future. Thanks to its unique understanding of your communication context, xorlab achieves very low false positive rates.


xorlab Abuse Mailbox Automation

Streamline your email security workload, including user-reported email workflows, incident triage, and remediation. xorlab automatically categorizes and prioritizes reported email, ensuring that only critical alerts rise to the surface.

Protect against all threat classes

Email threats have evolved and require a new approach. Keep your organization safe from advanced email threats that bypass existing solutions.


Zero-hour Phishing

Prevent sophisticated, socially-engineered attacks that lack traditional known-bad indicators and evade existing security checks.



Reduce attack surface by shielding high-exposure personnel from targeted and adept cyber adversaries.


Business Email Compromise

Detect deceitful emails from compromised accounts or lookalike domains before they trick end users into completing potentially disastrous actions.



Protect against malicious payroll or other financial requests that appear to come from legitimate senders.


Malicious attachments

Identify malicious attachments (encrypted or plain) before they reach your end users.


Malicious links

Stop links to phishing sites and malware, even if they’re designed to evade security checks.


Software exploits

Prevent interaction with documents that were meticulously crafted to exploit software vulnerabilities.


Extortion scam

Stop financial threats against individuals, typically demanding cryptocurrency and based on fake claims and coercion.

Frequently asked questions

Is xorlab compliant with ISO 27001?

Yes, our information security management system is certified to meet the standards defined by ISO/IEC 27001.

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