About xorlab

Email is the main way your business communicates internally and with customers, partners, and suppliers. No matter which email platform you use, your organization relies on it being secure all day, every day.

At xorlab, we are on a mission to protect people and processes from all types of email attacks. We proactively defend against sophisticated email threats by reducing your attack surface to the essential minimum, without impacting your business.

Making email secure for your business shouldn’t be difficult. And while you cannot possibly foresee an attacker’s next move, you can control how much attack surface you’re willing to expose. With xorlab, you have the power to change what email security means and what it can do for you.

Our team

Antonio Barresi

CEO & Co-Founder

Matthias Ganz

Head of Architecture & Co-Founder

Raffaele Sandrini

CTO & Head of Development

Dr. Remi Meier

Head of Research & Detection

Dominic Plangger

Head of Customer Success

Jakob Kanter

Head of IT Operations

Adrian Kyburz

Head of Marketing

André Schmid

Head of Sales

Luca Della Toffola

Head of Product

Frauke Kasper

Head of Operations

Saeed Sarpas


Max Fischer


Szymon Sawulski


Andrew Graham


Anton Maksimov


Diego Meyer


Bogumil Griner

Customer Success

Nicolas Zona

Customer Success

Georg Kilzer

IT Operations

Natalia Dudzic

IT Operations

Michal Baran

IT Operations

Darek Rzeźnicki

IT Operations

Jędrzej Maliniak

IT Operations

Laura Hämmerle


Aleksandra Grzywacz


Board of Directors

Antonio Barresi
Michael Meli
Roland Schönholzer
Mark Stäheli
Daniel Haller