Advanced protection for on-premise email

Replace or enhance your secure email gateway with AI-powered detection to stop advanced threats including business email compromise, phishing, and ransomware.


Trusted by organizations with highest security needs

Stay ahead with AI-powered email security

Reduce risk


More threats prevented compared to legacy secure email gateways.

Improve accuracy


Accurate detection with lowest false positive rate.

Save time


Time saved handling reported emails​ thanks to automated triage.

On-premise email security challenges

Enterprises adhering to strict data privacy regulations or in need of more complex integrations often opt for on-premise email security. This approach brings several security challenges, including:


Poor detection rates and threats in user inboxes


Friction and more work due to outdated user interfaces


Operating complexity due to poor documentation


High operating costs due to manual security analyst interventions

Protect your organization with the most advanced on-premise email security platform

SEG Replacement

Stop threats that would go undetected on your existing secure email gateway. Thanks to AI-powered threat prevention engines and behavioral analysis, xorlab offers up to x12 more threat protection than a legacy SEG, including;

  • Zero-hour phishing and malware
  • Ransomware
  • Business email compromise
  • Attacks from compromised partners



SEG Enhancement

xorlab adds contextual AI-powered security to the threat intelligence-based filtering of  Secure Email Gateways to protect against advanced attacks including phishing, business email compromise, and malware.

The modern and transparent user interface allows security analysts to work more efficiently and delegate quarantine management to end users. 

xorlab in a nutshell


Stop advanced attacks proactively with AI-based classifiers and policies


Trace security decisions back to indicators of attack with full visibility


Automate analysis and triage of user-reported email and send feedback


Support end-users with self-service quarantine and preview functions


better visibility into potential threats


increase in analyst efficiency





xorlab is one of the rare cybersecurity solutions that enhance security and reduce cost. Plus: it lets our employees contribute to our defense at no extra cost by automating abuse reports.

Michael Meli CISO, Bank Julius Bär

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my organization need to migrate to M365 for improved email security?

Migrating to Microsoft 365 (M365) can partially enhance your organization’s email security. However, this is not required to run xorlab's security platform. xorlab offers flexibility and scalability to run natively on your email environment, hybrid, or cloud. Learn more about xorlab on M365.

What benefits are offered by xorlab in comparison to Secure Email Gateways (SEG)?

Legacy email gateways struggle with evolving threats, while modern solutions lack visibility and control. Aggregating millions of signals to understand organizational email behavior is crucial for combating human-centric threats. xorlab's AI-powered email security platform uses contextual intelligence and adaptive policies to manage communication risks effectively with up to 12x improved detection rates and an impressive 0.06% false positive rate. Learn more.

Is it possible to migrate to M365 after implementing xorlab's email security platform

Absolutely, xorlab integrates seamlessly into Microsoft 365 and complements its native security solutions EOP and MDO with detection rates at least 4 times higher. xorlab keeps your data during the migration including relationships, behavior profiles, and configuration. This means that once connected to M365, xorlab starts right where it left off. Learn more about xorlab on M365.

Can xorlab be integrated with an existing SIEM or SOAR solution ?

Yes, xorlab integrates with best-in-class technologies via API to enable smooth and automated SOC operations.