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xorlab Was Selected to the CyberTech100 List

Zurich, 14th June 2021 – Swiss cybersecurity company xorlab, an innovative provider of proactive enterprise email filtering solutions, today announced that it has been selected the CyberTech100 for 2021 list, presenting the most successful cyber technology companies in the fintech industry.

For the second year now, CyberTech100 recognizes 100 of the most innovative companies that help organizations across the globe secure themselves against cyber threats and fraud. Compiled by FinTech Global, a specialist cybersecurity research firm and voted by a panel of analysts and industry experts from of over 1,000 companies, the list features the best cyber tech companies offering the most pioneering digital cyber intelligence and cybersecurity solutions. The businesses making the final cut are recognized for their innovative use of technology to solve a significant industry problem, generate cost savings or improve efficiency across the cybersecurity and financial crime prevention functions.

xorlab provides a cloud-based email defense solution built to counter today’s highly dynamic and evasive email-based threats and to protect larger organizations against the full range of targeted email attacks. Contrary to conventional methods, xorlab’s ActiveGuard platform does not require a knowledge of past attacks but builds up an understanding of legitimate communication that is unique to the organization. Armed with this knowledge, ActiveGuard filters ransomware, phishing, BEC and other threats from inbound mail flow, detects if sensitive information is leaked in outbound communication and supports security teams in automating workflows such as assessing and responding to user-reported suspicious emails.

"It's great to be recognized as one of the most innovative cybersecurity companies for financial service” said CEO and co-founder Antonio Barresi at xorlab. “It again confirms that we are on the right path redefining enterprise communication security and although the financial services sector is very important to us we see the need for our proactive communication defense platforms across all industries and sectors."

About xorlab

xorlab is a Swiss cybersecurity company providing specialized, machine-intelligent defense against highly engineered, sophisticated and targeted email attacks. Founded in 2015 and spun out of ETH’s Laboratory of Software Technology, xorlab has grown to a team of 14 dedicated security professionals and passionate software engineers. The company, with its ActiveGuard Defense Platform, now protects a total of over 60k mailboxes from leading financial service providers, hospitals and high-tech industrial companies in Germany and Switzerland, and processes more than 1.5 million emails per day. Unlike its competitors, xorlab empowers its customers to detect and stop emerging attacks at first sight, resulting in a smaller risk of breach, fewer incidents and lower operating cost overall.

About CyberTech100 for 2021

The CyberTech100 for 2021 recognizes the pioneering companies helping organizations combat cyber threats and fraud. The second annual list of the world's most innovative providers of digital solutions helping organizations fight off cyberattacks and protect their data was announced on 8 June by FinTech Global, a specialist research firm.

The CyberTech industry has seen huge growth over the last four years as operations are increasingly moving to the cloud and organizations expand their spending on securing new digital infrastructure. Total annual investments in the sector grew from $0.7 billion in 2016 to over $6.2 billion last year. That's an increase of nearly nine times and a CAGR of 72.5%.

As a result, the competition to be identified as one of the leading 100 CyberTech companies in the world was even fiercer this year. A panel of analysts and industry experts voted from a list of over 1,000 companies produced by FinTech Global. The finalists were recognized for their innovative use of technology to solve a significant industry problem or to generate cost savings or efficiency improvements across the security value chain.

"Security executives working in organizations need to be aware of the latest innovation and threats in the market in order to protect client and company data as well as fend off cyber and financial criminals," said Richard Sachar, director at FinTech Global. "The CyberTech100 list helps them do just that and identify new technologies which will have a lasting impact on the industry and attackers' behavior."

A full list of the CyberTech100 and detailed information for each company is available to download at

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