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Altoo Protects Customer Wealth with xorlab's Context-Intelligent Email Security

Email is one of the most common communication tools used by businesses, but it's also one of the most vulnerable to cyber attacks. Attackers use a variety of tactics to trick recipients into opening a malicious email, such as phishing, social engineering, and spoofing. Once the email is opened, attackers can then use different techniques to infiltrate the system, steal data, or cause other damage.

One common method used by cybercriminals is to attach malicious files to emails. MS Office attachments, such as Word documents or Excel spreadsheets, are a popular choice for attackers as they can contain macros or scripts that can be used to execute malicious code on a user's device, steal sensitive data, or take control of the device itself. For organizations, these attacks can often result in the loss of sensitive client data, financial losses, and irreversible damage to the company’s reputation.

The Altoo Email Security Challenge

Altoo, a Swiss based wealth-tech company, was facing challenges with their email security, specifically with evaluating and examining the content of Office attachments. The challenge was significant, as the team still needed to receive MS Office files, but they were not confident enough in the ability of their current email defenses to screen the content of these attachments. With a client base extending to over 20 different countries, this posed a significant risk, as an unwanted email with an MS Office attachment could slip through their email filter.

As we needed to be able to accept MS Office documents, sooner or later an unwanted email with an MS Office attachment would have made it through our spam filter because at filter level we could not determine if it was relevant or not.


The fintech company needed a solution that would allow their team to easily evaluate the benignity of MS Office attachments, without compromising their security system.

Discovering xorlab: The Vetting Process

In searching for a new security product, Altoo was focused on an extra layer of defense that could stop and flag any unfamiliar attachments that could be malicious. The company became aware of xorlab through a recommendation and vetted it against other email security solutions on their shortlist. Their specific requirements limited the number of acceptable solutions, prioritizing the must-have over the nice-to-have requirements.

Among these, xorlab stood out for its ability to fulfill the must-have requirement of previewing documents. This feature was a limiting factor for all the other products on Altoo’s shortlist, especially when combined with the needs for servers located in Germany or Switzerland.

We had some must-have and some nice-to-have requirements. xorlab was able to outstandingly fulfill the must-have requirements when previewing documents. This was the most limiting requirement for all the other products in combination with servers located in Germany or Switzerland.


The xorlab Security Solution

Altoo now enjoys complete control over their email data. With xorlab, they found a solution that meets all their requirements, with the most important features supported and implemented as required.

Since implementing xorlab, Altoo has achieved measurable results, including the ability to easily identify what content is inside a document, which makes it simple to decide if it’s safe to accept these attachments. In addition, the manual processes involved in evaluating attachments are less time-consuming than before.

The management overview provided by xorlab has given our team the necessary tools to feel in control of our email security. The included "toolbox" for analyzing suspicious attachments has been particularly helpful, allowing us to make informed decisions about whether we can release an email with confidence. With xorlab, we have the ability to evaluate the benignity of MS Office attachments, a feature that was previously a huge challenge for our team.


As a wealth management company, Altoo recognizes that its main priority is assuring customers and employees that Altoo’s security system will protect them from cyber attacks. Customers place their trust and their data in Altoo’s control, so the company invested in a robust email security solution. With this comprehensive layer of security, Altoo is better protected from email threats, ensuring that they and their customers remain safe from communication-based attacks.

If you want to see how xorlab can help keep your organization safe from zero-hour email threats, book a demo today!

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