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The ghosts of cyber security

Hello, cyber wonderers. Let me tell you a story. It happened just before Christmas. There was a curious man who desperately wanted to crack a complicated puzzle that no one before him had ever solved.

But whatever he tried, he just couldn’t find the solution. He was sleepless and outraged and completely obsessed, when during a cold winter night three ghosts came to visit him.

The first was the ghost of the past. It brought him back to 1994 to a room where people were playing games. They all looked focused with their gazes glued to the boards. The ghost told him “Seek out the clue, it's hidden in view. A spezial secret, waiting for you.”


The second was the ghost of the present. It brought him to a spacious room with many people sitting in front of their screens working on the future of cyber security And in the corner there were two children called Want and Perspective. Want said “I am only here because I want food!”. Perspective said: “So much so that you are ignorant of what’s around you. Change your view and follow your hunger inside. Out of all the choices you have, you’ll find something SPEZIAL”.

The third was the ghost of the future. It was a 6-fingered woman and she said:

Always be security aware and curious,
Creative, so you won’t get furious.
Requesting passwords, stories, and facts,
Opening your mind to new ideas and acts.
Solving riddles by pausing time,
Trying out a different rhyme.
Inviting a look at the beginning,
Celebrating you for winning.

And with the echoes of her voice in his mind, the man woke up and the solution was clear.

So he entered the password here.



* The password must include small and capital letters, special characters and numbers.