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    Introducing ActiveGuard's Self-Service Portal

    Self-service portal

    We recently introduced the new self-service quarantine feature enabling end-users to release their own emails from quarantine. This new capability provides a modern, safe message preview allowing the user to look at his/her quarantined messages and release them selectively.

    In the safe view mode, a short and concise explanation of why the message has been quarantined and the corresponding verdict is shown, guiding the user in his/her evaluation whether to release the given email or not.

    Customers can benefit from the Self-service Quarantine in two ways: the first benefit is better user-training. Information about suspicious messages that end up in the quarantine can be communicated to train users and increase the security awareness within the organization. The second advantage is that the overall attack surface can be reduced. By empowering the user to decide on the fate of quarantined messages themselves and therefore removing that duty from the Service Desk, stricter rules can be applied, which contributes to an overall reduced threat risk.