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    xorlab Announces New Board Members

    Zurich, Switzerland, May 23, 2022 – xorlab is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Board members, effective May 19, 2022. The new Board members include Roland Schönholzer, Independent Board Member and Angel Investor, and Mark Stäheli, Co-CEO of AVANTEC AG.

    With a track record in International Governance, M&A, Strategy and Digital Business Models, Roland Schönholzer brings a broad set of scaling-up experience and business management skills to xorlab.

    Mark Stäheli has over 20 years of experience in IT security, bringing extensive sales leadership and market knowledge to the Board.

    In addition, at the Annual General Meeting on May 19, 2022, Antonio Barresi, CEO and Co-Founder of xorlab, was re-elected as President of the Board, while Michael Meli, who has been a Board member since 2018, was re-elected as member of the Board.

    Michael Meli is Chief Information Security Officer and Managing Director at Julius Baer. In this role, he chairs the Security Committee (ExB-subcommittee) of the bank. Michael Meli is a senior security expert with proven experience in designing and successfully implementing information and cybersecurity strategies for banks and national telecommunication carriers.

    xorlab previously announced that Daniel Haller, Head of Corporate Development at GRAPHA-Holding AG, joined the Board in October 2021. Daniel has extensive finance knowledge and a proven track record for helping companies achieve organizational maturity.

    With these changes, the Board will comprise five members who will leverage their collective skills and expertise to provide strategic guidance and insight to xorlab for its continued growth as a cybersecurity leader.

    “We are very excited to welcome our Board members who will support us in fulfilling our vision to enable organizations to keep their business communication and collaboration safe from compromise,” Antonio Barresi, CEO and Co-Founder of xorlab, said. "Each of them brings a wealth of experience that will help us execute our strategy, drive growth, and operate with relevance on a global scale.”

    About xorlab

    xorlab helps build a more cyber resilient world by defending organizations against never-been-seen-before cyber threats in Microsoft 365, Slack, or Confluence. Designed to scale, its machine-intelligent software understands human communication behavior and relationships to uncover even the most sophisticated attacks. With xorlab, security leaders can control the attack surface across tens of thousands of individual relationships in real-time, and ultimately restore confidence in digital communication channels. Major global banking, tech, and healthcare organizations rely on xorlab to protect their employees against ransomware, phishing, and fraud. xorlab is a European security company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. For more information, visit